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Dr. K. Nimr Ikram

Leading orthopedic surgeon at the heart of Dallas with 20+ years of experience in orthopedic surgery.

Vision at Dallas Ortho

Dr. Ikram is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. He completed his medical training from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1996. Dr. Ikram completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery from Garden City Hospital in Garden City, Michigan. While completing his residency he received an award for his paper on Deep Vein Thrombosis treatment. Dr. Ikram practiced General Orthopedic Surgery in Jackson, Michigan from 2001 to 2012 at Allegiance Hospital. During his tenure he served as the Chief of Surgery and was appointed to many committees.

Dr. Ikram’s focus is to provide unsurpassed care to his patients via non-surgical and surgical orthopedic interventions. He utilizes various imaging studies, astute physical examinations and targeted x-ray guided procedures to accurately diagnose and effectively treat painful orthopedic conditions. Prior to moving to Dallas in January 13th 2014, Dr. Ikram practiced in a small town in Michigan where he provided care to patients of all ages. Dr. Ikram treats his patients like family, and has a very conservative approach. Dr. Ikram’s goal is to educate patients about their condition and provide them with an individualized treatment plan for an optimal outcome.


Improving Quality of Life with Special Services Offered by Expert Surgeons.

Our team comprises nutrition counselors, surgeons and medical experts, physiotherapists, and workout consultants with years of experience diagnosing orthopedic conditions and treating sports injuries.

We have an exceptional, board-certified medical staff that includes back surgeons to spine treatment specialists, physiotherapists and primary consultants. We start with an assessment to diagnose the pain points, and identify the reasons behind back and spine issues. This diagnosis process is often followed by detailed lab reports, tests, CT scans and MRIs and any other X Rays, and examination of medical history, especially if a patient had arthritis or diabetes in the past.

In the second stage, our primary consultant and spine specialists decide whether conservative spine treatment is an option before back and spine surgery. If yes, you get a care plan variable of lengths between 1 month to 6 months, considering the severity of your pain, and the underlying causes.

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Our Vision

In Words of Dr. Ikram’s

“I like to treat my patients like my family. I take care of people of all ages from head to toe. I sit down and explain to my patients their diseases so that we can make an educated decision on their treatment plan together. I give them all of their options so they feel comfortable and knowledgeable. Most of my patients like that I can take care of most of their orthopedic problems instead of going from one orthopedic surgeon to another. If you want someone to listen, then come see me!”

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Our Happy Patients

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen from our satisfied patients.

Dr Ikram has taken care of me and my parents and he is so polite and knowledgeable he has always gone far and above to relieve their pain my pain and try everything possible before surgery. I trust him completely his staff has always been courteous and kind I would tell anyone to go to him for your problems.

Margaret Parks Patient

Dr. Ikram did an awesome job putting my broken hand back together without any surgery required. The doctor at ER tried putting it back together but failed so he recommended me to see an orthopedic surgeon for surgery. However, thanks Dr. Ikram it wasn't really required.

Umer Modi Local Guide

I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone who is interested in being a patient with him! He is really kind, knows his job honest and trustworthy. My pain goes away from his treatment so far and I am more than happy about that. Again, I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone.

Sharifa Mehdi Patient

I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone who is interested in being a patient with him! Being a patient means you began a new number 2 family to this doctor. He is really kind, knows his job honest and trustworthy. Again, I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone for sure.

Karma Zubi Patient

Dr. Ikram operated on my shoulder last year after my motorcycle accident and I can’t thank him enough! Im back in the gym and stronger than ever. Thanks doc! He’s the nicest guy, and probably spent more time and listened to me more than any other doctor including my regular main doctor I see for checkups and stuff.

David Saurav Patient