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4 Signs That You Need Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is an extremely common procedure performed on over 600,000 patients around the world every year. This surgery has an incredibly high rate of success at over 90% of recipients experiencing dramatic improvements in knee function and reductions in knee pain.

Though this surgery is common, many people aren’t sure whether or not it’s the right surgery for them and their knee issues.Knee replacement surgery in Dallas is best suited for those with chronic knee pain or knee osteoarthritis, which can develop over time and often only show symptoms once it’s done significant damage.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Dallas: How to Know When It’s Time

Not sure whether your knee issues are serious enough to warrant knee replacement surgery?
Here are the top 4 signs to look out for:

  1. Serious or chronic pain. Though it may seem obvious that extreme knee pain over time may mean it’s time for a knee replacement, many people learn to live with their pain or do their best to ignore it. Serious, long-lasting pain should never be ignored, and there are a few specific
    types of pain that point directly to knee replacement:
    • Delayed pain. Also known as “payback pain,” this sets in after rigorous or even basic activities, depending on the severity of your knee injuries.
    • Pain during activity. This is the pain you experience while performing everyday activities and it limits your mobility and range of motion.
    • Pain that prevents quality sleep. If your knee pain is keeping you up at night or even waking you up from sleep, it may be time.
  2. Reduced mobility. Often, limited range of motion in the knees is accompanied by pain. However, whether or not the loss of mobility is painful, injured or deteriorated joints can struggle to perform basic tasks like helping you to stand from sitting or vice versa.
  3. Visual signs of injury. Visual changes can be just as significant as physical sensations when it comes to diagnosing a knee for replacement. Swelling or other obvious changes in appearance are important signs of injury or deterioration to look out for.
  4. Limitations to lifestyle and enjoyment. If constant pain, reduced range of motion, or visual changes in your knees are affecting your way of life, that alone can be a great reason to seek knee replacement surgery.

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